A little compilation of videos with my PT clients from first two months of 2019…???

WOW, it made me realize how different every one of these people is and how I take slightly different approach with every one of them for the best results depending on their goals and needs.

Thank you to every single special person I get to work with in the video and a few more I don’t have captured. Your progress in fitness and many times also different areas of your life that you share with me is what gives meaning to my work.

As one of my clients said: “It’s better to be tired and have fun than be tired and bored.” ??

I hope you’re having a blast like I am! ❤️?

I have been incredibly lucky to meet Ganesh and get to work with him and witness weekly improvements in all aspects of his fitness and life. After a couple of our first sessions I remember he told me that he thought he was ‘working out’ before, but that wasn’t even close. 😉 Ganesh was quite a newbie to the gym and I focused his training on nailing down a lot of basic functional movement patterns to make sure we can progress safely with added weight later on. First sessions were a challenge but damn, Ganesh impressed me with his resilience, ability to push through tough times and I’ve loved starting my mornings with his sessions because I knew he’s going to show up with top attitude and give it his best. 
 Ganesh has been absolute blast to work with and he’s just the nicest guy, really! He’s been my only client who managed to get 4 PT sessions weekly, many times back to back days and never complained one bit. I feel so proud of your progress and I love seeing you more and more confident around the gym.

Here’s Ganesh testimonial about his experience of training together:

“Right from my High school days I tried to go to the gym in a aim/ambition to gain muscle and be fit. Every time I did this, I loose interest in few months after starting and stopped going to the gym.I’m 33 yrs old now and in May 2018 I joined the gym again in a hope that I wont loose interest. Exactly 2 months later I found myself again in the same situation.

So I thought I need some guidance/motivation or a person who can nag me to push limits at the gym. Luckily I signed up with Lucy and from day one she was pushing me to my limits.She taught me various routines and training tips. From 3 sessions a week we moved to 4 and everyday we start at 7am and I felt very refreshed both physically and mentally. Nowadays I wake up by 4.30am in the morning by myself and it has become a habit.

After training with Lucy my fitness level has significantly improved and I’m able to do long hikes without getting tired. I wouldn’t have come this far without Lucy’s constant push and nagging to train everyday. I’m always excited for every single one of our sessions. Lucy is always smiling and never wastes time on any chitchat. I highly recommend Lucy for anyone who wants to take their fitness training to next level.”

THANK YOU for showing up every day like a boss yet staying humble and down to earth, thank you for always asking me how I am and following my work. I appreciate all your support and I just love being a part of your fitness journey. I hope you feel better and better every day and I feel very grateful for all the hard work and laugh we’ve shared together on the floor. 😉


Michael has been nothing but wonderful to work with and I’ve been lucky to witness his progress week by week for past 6 months. We’ve had so much fun training together and I have no mercy with him because I know he can take it and he’s one of those who will push beyond the limits. Michael approached me back in March with clear vision to focus more on strength gains. After our first session I found that his form is pretty amazing already but there’s a big room for improvement when it comes to breathing and pacing himself throughout the workout, which was the most important thing for him to work on in order to improve his ability to load up the session with heavier weights as well as improve endurance to stay strong for the whole 60 minutes workout. I emphasized the importance of making sure he eats well before the workout, stays hydrated and he brings his focus on breathing from the first second of the warm up. It made a huge difference and Michael’s progress went up quickly because he stayed open-minded, listened and kept a positive attitude as well as he did an amazing job on self-reflection keeping his focus on the areas needed attention.

 Here’s what Michael wrote about his experience training together:

“Lucy has brought improvements to my workouts. From nutrition, to proper form, and new techniques, I was able to overcome stagnation, and remove less ideal techniques, which were in use for a couple years. I have been working out for several years, but my progress nearly halted. Lucy knew what to do with this, and put together a strategy which complemented with most of my old workout plan. This broke the stagnation. I was able to carry heavier weights and trickier sets as a result. Pull ups and bench presses became easier. Her strategy uses a mix of cardio and strength, and a good amount of core and legs. Turns out that the power comes from core and legs, and was an area I didn’t pay attention to, earlier. She was easy to communicate with, and her sense of humour made workouts fun. I recommend Lucy, for someone who may have plateaued, and is willing to work from a different angle. She continues to be a great resource, on our journey for growth and improvement.”

Michael, you’re just such a sweet, down to earth, raw and funny guy and I really enjoyed my time watching you improve on your goals. Even though I always do my best to put all attention on my clients, you always made sure you asked me how I am, too, and I learned a lot from you! Thank you for how you show up every single time and thank you for being real! We better get that muscle up soon! 😉


Working with Cassie has been an absolute blast from Day 1 and her resilience is beyond words. She’s got a fighter’s heart and she always pushes herself to the limits and tiny bit more. And then some more…It’s just incredible and I love watching her train and be there by her side! Cassie’s focus is admirable and you can see her disappear to the world of pain and hard work. 😉

Here’s what Cassie has to say about her training experience together: “I started working with Lucy over three months ago when I signed up for my new gym membership and I had no idea what to expect! My experiences at other gyms were mostly focused on martial arts based group classes and I had never worked one-on-one with a trainer previously. I figured I would try it out for a bit, casually to see if it liked it. Three months later she still has me actually wanting to get out of bed before 7am to work out, which is pretty amazing. Lucy also helped me out with nutrition and had me keep a note of everything I ate over a month, which made me more aware of how much garbage I was eating. This is something I still do! ( Keep a note of everything I eat, not eat garbage). I’m super impressed with her training style, we do something different every session and the hour goes by so fast, even though by the end I’m screaming “NOOO WHYYY”. So far it’s been a great experience and I’d definitely recommend it.”


Cassie, I’m SO proud of you and I love seeing you getting stronger and stronger every week. I ain’t making it easy for you with those weights, but you crush it every single time. The way you train is a blast for trainer’s eyes. You inspire me so much and I always look forward to our sessions full of laughs. Your progress has been undeniable and your attitude is unbeatable. I see you glowing more and more and I’m just SO happy for you. Thank you for being such a badass girl with a big kind heart. You are a powerhouse!!! 😉



Ying’s transformation story is pretty impressive and I hope inspiring to many who feel like a physical disability is a reason to avoid going to the gym. I got to meet Ying about 3 months ago and she told me about her health problems during her childhood followed by evolving moderate scoliosis and anxiety. Our goal was clear – working on posture correction, overall strength and mobility, healthier lifestyle habits and reducing stress. I have been nothing but amazed by Ying’s progress and to be honest I was a little bit surprised by how fast her strength picked up and how quickly her form improved.

Ying makes my work easier thanks to her wonderful attitude of always listening carefully and staying focused on what I’m asking her to do. She’s very detailed, pays attention to mind muscle connection and always does her best to complete everything no matter how much it burns. 🙂 I love love love how she pushes herself outside of her comfort zone and she leaves all complaints and excuses home. With her scoliosis and occasional dizziness, we’re always facing challenging workouts but that never stops her. She’s doing the right thing, putting her health first in order to be her best in whatever comes her way in the rest of the day.

Even though I always make jokes about her stress of driving her car to the gym, she was kind enough to write a testimonial about her experience of training with me.

“I have always been a sick child growing up. However, things started to get more serious when I got diagnosed with moderate scoliosis as an adult. After listening to my doctor’s advice, I decided to find a personal trainer in order to gain back muscles that could support my spine. I went to Anytime Fitness without any previous workout experience and was fortunate enough to meet and work with Lucy.

Lucy’s cheerful personality and professional background in fitness create a very enjoyable environment that is full of trust and support. She encourages you to push yourself with consideration of your health and medical condition. After working out for about two months, I already saw a large improvement in terms of my posture and overall strength. As a designer who needs to spend hours in front of a computer, I can now sit longer without feeling fatigue and discomfort. Also, thanks to the core and strength exercises that Lucy has planned for me, I am now able to maintain an upright standing or sitting position with more ease. And of course, I feel more energized and delighted on a daily basis, which improves both my physical and mental health greatly. 
Working with Lucy made me understood that in my case, solely relying on hospital treatments were not enough. Not only does working out helps with my recovery speed, it also makes me feel less guilty when ordering bubble tea. I am very excited about seeing what will happen next as I continue my personal training experience.”
Ying, it’s my pleasure to work with you, you’re so incredibly smart, talented, beautiful, kind and fun person. I’m so proud of all the work we’ve done together and it’s amazing to see you coming back feeling more energized, happier and stronger. You’re super cool and you inspire me and push me to do a better research so I can serve you and other clients with similar issues in the best possible way. Thank you for giving me your best in our sessions and I can’t wait to see you grow not only in fitness but your professional life as well. Way to go, girl! 😉

Patricia aka Patty was referred to me by one of my co-workers at Anytime Fitness and I could not be happier for this girl coming to my life. She cracks me up every single session and I don’t even need to plan any core work for her, we just laugh! 🙂

Patty is one of those people who actually hate exercising. But somehow she pushes herself to do it! She gives me the most painful looks. I feel for her but at the same time, I have to stay strong too and just make her do it hehe:) Even though she is eager to finish the session, she will actually always complete everything I ask her to do and she stays committed to come back.

I mentioned to her that I train for a boxing fight and one day she just asked me if we could try boxing, too. I was like, HELL YESS!!! Oh man, did we find a sport for her!!! She absolutely enjoys punching! It is quite mind blowing to see how Patty glows when she’s hitting pads. It’s such a great prove that when you find something that is fun for you, you’ll stick with it so much longer and you will actually forget that you’re exercising. And there’s no questions if the session is over!!! Loving it!!!

Here’s what Patty had to say about her experience training together:

“I first started personal training in order to enhance my appearance. However, my experience with Lucy allowed me to achieve something greater than just a simple physical transformation. Her positivity and openness motivated me to find my passion, stay fit and adopt a healthier lifestyle – and most importantly – develop a mindset that allowed me to grow as a person and be happy the way I am. I’ve done things that I would have otherwise never done had I never met Lucy – boxing, asking a guy out lol, and being more open and outgoing. I believe that the well-being of the mind shapes the well-being in the aspects of life – as evident in my case.”

Patty is incredibly smart, beautiful, thoughtful and caring person. I always tell her that any guy who gets to go out with her is a lucky one! And that’s all you should keep in mind, Patty! #Confidence:)

I love how she became a more open and confident badass. She makes me proud because she’s taking away things we talk about after sessions and doing her best to improve her own life. That’s what really matters to me as a trainer. Seeing that clients leave our gym feeling good about themselves, more courageous to take actions and they’re doing better in their own relationships. Thanks for being such a fun gem in my life Patty and I can’t wait to hit the pads with you again after your vacation. You go girl!!! 😉

This is a post long time coming but very important for me to share. Sometime 2 years ago, I learned about Big Sister of BC Organization and I was eager to find a little sister I could help just by simple weekly hangouts. I passed the preparation course to become a Big Sister and even though I felt nervous to become a mentor of a young girl I don’t know at all, I couldn’t wait to start. I felt somewhat scared but extremely excited and full of expectations inside.

It took a few months for them to find me a match in the neighbourhood and I could not be more grateful for Stephanie coming to my life. I remember the first time we met, she was rather quiet and looked like a typical book nerd. Oh and she totally is, which is an exact opposite of me. She wasn’t very outdoorsy and one of her goals was to explore Vancouver a bit more. We planned our first hangout to go ice-skating at Hillcrest Centre and that was definitely something outside of comfort zone for Steph. I remember the first time I made her laugh while having a snack after our ice-skating session. I’m sure I said something silly and asked about boys in her class. I figured that’s what 12 years old are all about. I wasn’t too far from the truth haha!

I bought this cool interactive journal with lots of inspirational quotes and little activities and we decided to always work on one page each time we see each other, always sticking something to the page that will remind us of our hangout. Our first time was on November 30, 2016 and that green thing would be a wristband from ice-skating. If you look through our book, you’ll find a lot of movie tickets, Starbuck things, empty pistachio shell or torn paper with our secret confessions stick into the book. Looking through the book makes me emotional and reminds me of all great times we’ve had together.

I asked Steph to write about her experience with Big sister and our relationship. Even though she always teases me and occasionally gives me hard time, it made my heart sunk when I read what she had to say…

“Heyyyy peeps. I’m here to talk about my big sis’ Lucy. I’m for certain that we met November 30th, Wednesday 2016; I know that because we have a book where we can do cool activities in it every time we hang out, you know, because we’re just cool like that. I don’t really know what to talk about, I guess its because you cant really put a relationship like mine and Lucy’s into words, my guess would be awesome, life changing, and feeling like actual sisters. We’ve been going on adventures for over a year now and every single one of them was amazing. I guess I can say that Lucy is an awesome person in general, there were times when I wasn’t having a good day, and instead of forcing me to go and hang out, she laid down in bed with me and we just talked. She can make me laugh when I frown; she makes me feel good about myself without knowing it. Times when I felt like people were putting me down, she always somehow helped me back up by laughing at my jokes, saying I’m an awesome person out of the blue, and always telling me how strong I am. Being Big Sisters with Lucy wasn’t just having someone to go hang out with, it was connecting and being awesome together. Sincerely, Your awesome little sis Stephanie!”


I’ve learned SO much from watching Stephanie grow and see the world through her innocent eyes. She’s been through incredibly tough times in her past and I felt lots of responsibility to always be there for her and never fail on showing up for her. Stephanie’s heart is filled with love, joy and compassion. She’s a warrior who inspires me to get through my own little struggles and stay strong. She is crazy funny, smart, beautiful and very talented writer.


It’s been pretty amazing for me to watch her change every single week (you know, teenagers haha). Lots of times she’s the mature one in our friendship but there’s also lots of times when I have to make sure I’m leading by example and I’m giving her support with no judgement. There were times when I was running between 3 jobs and somehow I always managed to schedule our hangouts which always felt like a commitment I just simply won’t cancel on. She’s counting on me to show up and I know how important it is for her. It hasn’t been always easy for me when I felt super exhausted, but every time I get to see her and we sit in a car, we start singing out loud together and I can feel the connection with her and I don’t see her only as my Little Sister, I see her as one of my best friends who I get to hangout with. I see her as someone who loves spending the time together and who sees herself in me even though we’re so different. Steph makes me laugh all the time and even though she’s shy to say it sometimes, I can feel her love, support and acceptance for how I am.

I would recommend everybody who is capable of making the weekly commitment to experience the relationship with their Little Sister and become one of the stable pillars of their life. This relationship helped me open my eyes and look at the world differently. It made me more compassionate, loving and caring. Huge thanks to Big Sister organization and if you want to become a Mentor yourself, go have a look at their website: https://www.bigsisters.bc.ca/

Steph, thank you so much for how you are and all the fun we have together!!! I’m SO proud of you and stay super awesome like always! I love when we sing in the car together, I don’t even feel embarrassed with you haha! Love you!


I met Miriam in Vancouver Fit Body Bootcamp last year and I could not believe the speed of her jumping jacks. And that was just a warm-up. I remember when I told the group to rest, she just kept going even during the rest time. I looked at her and said “rest” in case she didn’t hear me but sure she did. She replied “I don’t need rest.” I also remember when she told me she does her best to never stop the exercise until the end time, if she needs to modify she will, but she won’t stop!!! I must say that I took that approach and applied it to my own coaching because most of the time we stop ourselves mentally before we even try to push ourselves harder.

A couple of months ago Miriam approached me with her desire to do extra private training on the top of her Bootcamp classes (she still keeps 5x Bootcamp workouts a week, #WOW). I knew she could definitely handle more training, but damn, she is killing our sessions with top notch form and attitude every single time. She puts me to shame with her strength and I’ve had comments from other members seeing her train and complimenting on her performance, which makes me really proud and I brag about her all the time.:)

Miriam is super determined, focused, all IN person and she will leave her best on the floor and some extra. She’s also so much fun to be around and she pushes me to go the extra mile as well so I can deliver the extra kick she can totally handle and loves. I’ve seen an amazing progress in just a few sessions and I can’t stop complimenting her toned body. I am just so proud of you Miriam and the way you inspire others to go after their dreams with no excuses, just solutions approach.

Please read Miriam’s testimonial about her experience of training together:

“I’ve been working out pretty consistently for over 20 years. I guess my biggest motivation was when I had toe surgery on both feet and wasn’t able to walk for 6 weeks. I was determined not to gain weight and made a commitment to myself that once I healed I would one day run a marathon. I started with walking and after a lot of training and various races I not only completed 1 full marathon but 5. When I was told I had to choose running over being able to walk I started training at gyms more consistently. I think I have tried most everything, Barre, Kickboxing, Yoga, Vibration plate training, Boot camp, Cardio classes etc. I recently decided to hire a personal trainer – Lucy at Anytime Fitness for me to achieve new goals. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. I love Anytime Fitness’ facility and equipment is above par and Lucy is FANTASTIC. I’m so lucky she came into my life she has made fitness fun for me again. She has helped me get stronger, pushed me to new limits and has taken me way out of my comfort zone. Surprising to me with my fitness knowledge I’ve learned so many new exercises and techniques with every workout being fresh and exciting. I still find some days just getting to the gym is the hardest part but knowing she’s counting on me to show up makes it so much easier. I would recommend Anytime Fitness and hiring a trainer to anyone no matter your fitness level.”

I feel very grateful to get to work with Miriam and she sets an example for me to crush my own limitations. She shows me how to leave everything behind and be present with the weights. And she makes me laugh way too much with random comments. I hope Miriam’s story motivates you to go out there and find something that is real fun for you. Focus, do your best, laugh and just keep going! 🙂






I’m writing this article to shout out my youngest client, Astrid, who’s the coolest 12 years old out there and I’m hoping her story will encourage and inspire other kids like her to get the courage to try anything new they would like but their fear is holding them back. I absolutely love working with Astrid, she cracks me up with her funny comments and puts me to shame with how smart she is already.

Astrid’s parents have been members of our Anytime Fitness club for a few years and when Astrid’s mom, Amber, approached the owner about training possibilities for her daughter, I happened to be around and jumped right in since I’ve already had experience training with other youngster client. I remember thanking Amber for leading by example and giving Astrid the opportunity to experience personal training in such a young age.

After my first general assessment with Astrid, I knew we’ve got tons to work on with correcting the posture, helping her flexibility and improving overall strength and endurance. But I also knew that it’ll be lots of work on her confidence and building up the courage inside her to try new things. It wasn’t until about 9th session when Astrid blew me away by pushing through her fears and getting up on flipped Bosu ball without my help and nailing some squats, boxing punches or anything else I asked her to do. I felt so proud of her and she has been more and more confident ever since.

One of the biggest ‘success moment’ for me was when her dad came to tell me how great she was at Body Surfing during their vacation in Mexico. He told me that it’s been really hard for them to get her try new things because she’d be always resistant and scared but the private training has been showing results in her life outside of our sessions.

I feel extremely grateful to be able to work with Astrid and her parents who have been just wonderful. Here’s a few words from Amber, who summed up her experience of me working with Astrid from a parent perspective.

“Lucy has really helped build my 12 year old daughter’s confidence, attitude and overall physical strength. Lucy has a gift for communicating with children and helping in a really positive and fun way. I’m really thankful for all her coaching and proud to see all the improvements in my daughter since she started training.”

The best thing about my relationship with Astrid is that I get to learn from her so much and see the world through different, much more genuine eyes. She brings me back to my childhood memories and I feel super proud to not only be her trainer but her friend as well who truly believes in how beautiful, smart, loving and cool kid she is. I can’t wait for you to take over the world soon and inspire other kids to do the same!!! #AwesomeAstrid

I got incredibly lucky to be sitting in the office at the end of last year when Rob Lambert walked into our club at Anytime Fitness, False Creek. He was still recovering after his surgery and needed one more month before he could start training at the gym, something he has never done before. We spent over an hour discussing what is his dream and intention behind getting all fit and healthy. He was very self conscious about looking silly while lifting weights and not knowing what to do at the gym but he was courageous enough to ask for a help and look for a personal trainer.

Rob told me right from the beginning that he’s going to do whatever it takes, and if he puts his mind into something, he stays 120% committed, which is a dream client for every trainer hehe and he definitely proved his words so far. I also remember when he expressed his doubts about not being able to put on muscles, when I asked him “How do you know you can’t put on muscles, you haven’t tried yet, right?” I felt like that realization helped him with his confidence and right from the start we adapted “Yes, I can!” mindset. In fact, that is my favourite phrase to remind him during our workouts when we need to squeeze last 2 reps and he always freaking does!!!

Please read Rob’s testimonial about our training at Anytime fitness:

“Since I made the choice to start going to Anytime Fitness and seeing Lucy three days a week I can’t even describe how much better I feel in my day to day life. I was always tired and felt pretty weak but after only a week of training I started seeing so much progress and I noticed I was getting stronger already. I lucked out and I got the best trainer possible, I get the motivation to try harder and keep going when I think I’m too tired to keep pushing myself. I’m learning how to have good form and do exercises effectively and I look forward to going to the gym everyday.
On my first day I did eight push ups and now I can do a hundred without a problem. Lucy helps me set goals every week and we crush them together. I will definitely keep coming to Anytime Fitness for a long time.”

Rob is not the only one who ‘lucked out’. He’s someone I look up to and get inspired by for my own life. He shows up for himself and others in the best possible way and leads as an example for others around him with his consistency, commitment, hard work, and respect. He leaves his best on the floor and his drive pushes me to be a better trainer every single time. I could not be more proud of him and his progress, which is phenomenal. And even though you can only see the physical side, I can see how much confidence he gained throughout our training and taking full responsibility and ownership of his life.


Rob, I hope you feel truly amazing for your accomplishments so far and I can’t wait how far we’re going to go. Your brothers better watch out!!! Clap clap for you!!!

PS: No, I can’t count faster! 🙂